Class Schedule Display Of MindBody Integration Case Study

Most instructor based business owner thinks displaying the class schedule online integrated with booking feature is a complex process and will take lots of investment in setting up.

And they might be right(if they want to build there own custom software).

But they are not right as MindBody has made it very simple and cost effective to display class schedule online including features like sign up, managing class, advance search, payment and lots more.

Here we are going to show you the 5 most prominent benefits of using MindBody for displaying class schedule of your instructor based business. We are sharing these benefits based on our work we did for our clients in the past.

Class Schedule MindBody Example
Class Schedule MindBody Example

Can you afford creating a personal class schedule software and ongoing maintenance that it will require in a long run and not use simple MindBody as a part of your business?

5 Most Prominent Benefits of MindBody Class Schedule Display For Instructor Based Business

MindBody class schedule benefits:

Benefits #1: Real Time Display Of Class Schedule

When a user open the class schedule page, MindBody allows you to display the real time class schedule on your website fetched using MindBody API. The schedule fetched is at a very fast speed and updated real time.

MindBody Class Schedule Real Time Update
MindBody Class Schedule Real Time Update

Benefits #2: Mouse Over Effects For Better Interface

This is the classic feature of MindBody which displays more details of class, instructor and level on mouseover without even clicking on it. Below you can see mouseover effects in action.

MindBody Class Schedule Mouse Over Effects
MindBody Class Schedule Mouse Over Effects

Benefits #3: Advance Search With J-query Based Filter

The search option of MindBody will allow users to filter the result based on instructor, day, class, timings and lots. Another big advantage of jQuery Based filter is that it is very fast and the result are filtered almost instantly.

MindBody Advance Search Jquery Filter

Benefits #4: Pagination & Print Feature

Pagination option allow users to move to the next & previous page of class schedule and print option allow to take the print of the class schedule.

MindBody Pagination And Print Class Schedule
MindBody Pagination And Print Class Schedule

Benefits #5: Sign Up

Using a sign up feature allows the user to register for a class as per the most convenient time they feel for the class. When clicking on sign up the user will be redirected to the your MindBody page where he will complete the process and finish booking for the class.
Sign Up MindBody Integration

MindBodyDeveloper Challenge:

When setting up class schedule page integrated with MindBody API on client website, our main challenge is to make sure everything from instructor details, class timings, pagination, jQuery based search and all other features are working seamlessly.

How MindBodyDeveloper Helped:

Our highly experienced and skilled MindBody developer not only set up everything needed in class schedule within a discussed time frame but also fully test each functionality to make sure everything is running up properly.

We have divided our work process in 6 parts: 

Part #1: Understanding – We first understand the client business model

Part #2: Requirement Finalization – Next, we discuss all the setting up process, requirement, delivery time and other important points with clients

Part #3: Milestone – Now before start working we divide the whole project in milestone and regular update is provided to client when each milestone is completed successfully

Part #4: Development & Integration – Now we start our MindBody development and integration work on client website

Part #5: Testing, Retest And Improvements – Here we test, retest and look for all possible improvements that can be done in project

Part #6: Final Delivery – We deliver our work to client within the discussed time frame

Who Would You Recommend:

We recommend our service for setting up class schedule to any business which is instructor based (For example yoga, spa, boxer training, massage, wellness etc.) or anybody who wants to display class schedule on his/her website.

Have Anything To Ask About MindBody?

So now you know how MindBody can improve class schedule display of you business.

If you are interested in integrating MindBody in your website for displaying classes then let our experienced and highly skilled MindBody developer helps you.

You can also ask or discuss anything about MindBody.

Either way, you can contact us for a free consultation.

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