Instructor/Staff Integration Using MindBody: Case Study

Displaying the instructor or staff information on your business website is the best way to build a personal connection with your customer. This also adds credibility and makes your website stand out from others.

Suppose you run a Yoga business and if you show details of all instructor on website itself then it will be a great treat for the visitors to know about coaches beforehand. This adds personal touch to business and let visitors trust your business even more.

“Meet The Team/Staff/Instructor” page are quite popular on instructor based business and if your business is one of them then you should not miss to add it on your business site. In-fact showing the instructor faces and details makes customer feel it as a real company and not just another website.

To showcase team page lots of points need to be keep in mind. For example, this page should include instructor photos, names, details like experience, classes, quick links, have beautiful layout and much more.

Keeping these things in mind, MindBody Online comes with feature called staff management resources making the process of scheduling classes easier. Below we are sharing how MindBody can be used for staff integration with real examples that we did for our clients.


Feature #1: Staff Login From Website

Every staff member gets a unique login so he/she can see schedules and appointment details. This staff login are unlimited.

  • Adjust individual staff member permission you want to give
  • Easier to manage big staff team say 50 members
  • Staff member can easily modify, reschedule, or cancel any appointment

Features #2: Update Profile Of Staff Member

Staff profile provide details of staff member in your team. You can easily access their profile, update information, fill contact details, schedule/take appointments and do lots more stuff.

  • Access staff profile
  • Show staff profile in sidebar
  • Fill contact details like address, email address, mobile number, biography etc.
  • With Settings option manage appoitment, payroll, schedule and lots more

Features #3: Add Or View Profile Of Staff Member

Before you can schedule a appointment, class, or take enrollment you need to add at-least one employee or staff member.

  • Add staff option allow you add new staff member details
  • You can even add service and pricing seperately for particular staff member
  • Easily look for particular staff member or employee using seach bar

Features #4: Staff Permission

You can easily manage the permission you wants to give to the staff member/employee when using MindBody.

  • With permission feature you can make staff member view only their schedules and their own payroll report
  • MindBody makes it very easy to manage permission
  • You can enable IP restriction
  • With permission setting you can manage client permission, sales permission, payment processing permission, reports permission and lots more

MindBodyDeveloper Challenge:

When setting up staff profile / team page integrated with MindBody and healcode on client website, our main challenge is not just to make sure instructor image, details, name and other details is displayed in a beautiful layout but also it is integrated with instructor class schedule.

How MindBodyDeveloper Helped:

Our highly experienced and skilled MindBody developer set up everything needed in instructor/staff/teachers page which is also integrated with instructor class schedule. So customer/user can easily see schedule and book appointment for a particular instructor he/she likes.

We have divided our work process in 6 parts: 

Part #1: Understanding – We first understand the client business model

Part #2: Requirement Finalization – Next, we discuss all the setting up process, requirement, delivery time and other important points with clients

Part #3: Milestone – Now before start working we divide the whole project in milestone and regular update is provided to client when each milestone is completed successfully

Part #4: Development & Integration – Now we start our MindBody development and integration work on client website

Part #5: Testing, Retest And Improvements – Here we test, retest and look for all possible improvements that can be done in project

Part #6: Final Delivery – We deliver our work to client within the discussed time frame

Who Would You Recommend:

We recommend our service for setting up class schedule to any business which is instructor based (For example yoga, spa, boxer training, massage, wellness etc.) or anybody who wants to display class schedule on his website.

Have Anything To Ask About MindBody?

So now you know how MindBody can be used to improve instructor page of your business.

If you are interested in integrating MindBody in your website for displaying classes then let our experienced and highly skilled MindBody developer helps you.

You can also ask or discuss anything about MindBody.

Either way, you can contact us for a free consultation.

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