Online Booking Form And Pricing Using MindBody: Case Study

MindBody Pricing And Booking Online Thumnail

Whether you are a yoga instructor in New York or a spa business owner in London, you will want your customer to do advance online booking for a class or taking appointment.

Why? These online booking allows the customer to easily book your service for the most convenient time to them and also from the comfort of their home. This is the way customer prefer to order services in digital world.

AND to make this online booking simple and super quick MindBody provides lots of features which we are going to share here. Below images are from our work we did for our amazing clients.

MindBody Pricing And Booking Example
MindBody Pricing And Booking Example

MindBody Features Of Online Booking And Pricing Details


Features #1: Take Booking On Your Website

You don’t have to send your customer to MindBody Online official site to collect bookings. Instead you can take booking of your customer on your own business website without letting them to leave your site.

  • Customer reads about your service
  • Choose the convenient time for service
  • Book your service

Features #2: Payment

MindBody software comes with inbuilt payment allowing customer to do payment directly. It accepts credit card as a mode of payment.

  • Recurring payment for membership and package bill automatically
  • Faster and easier mode of payment
  • Tracking of payment history
  • Can also accept payment on MindBody Express App


Features 3: Tracking Order

Tracking order, reports and customer data is the most important part of any business to grow. The more reports you have in your hands the more easier it becomes to take decisions. MindBody features provides tracking of order, retention reports, Google analytics tracking and lots more.

  • Easy searching in reports
  • Track past results
  • Reports sharing sales numbers, membership growth, marketing promotions and much more.
  • Know about client last visit
  • Lots more

Features 4: Pricing

You can choose the pricing model for your business. You can go with monthly package or charge for single class. With MindBody you can offer different pricing model based on your requirement.

  • Have pricing model that fits your business

MindBodyDeveloper Challenge:

When setting up booking form and pricing with MindBody API on client website, developer main challenge is to make sure first payment gateway is properly integrated in client website and than making sure everything is working smoothly.

How MindBodyDeveloper Helped:

MindBody Developer team first display the pricing model on client website where customer can see all packages option and then integrating each package option with payment gateway using MindBody.

We have divided our work process in 6 parts: 

Part #1: Understanding Pricing Model – We first understand the client  business pricing model

Part #2: Requirement Finalization – Next, we discuss all the setting up process, requirement, delivery time and other important points with clients

Part #3: Milestone – Now before start working we divide the whole project in milestone and regular update is provided to client when each milestone is completed successfully

Part #4: Development & Payment Integration – Now we start our MindBody development and integration of product pricing on client website and integrating with payment gateway

Part #5: Testing, Retest And Improvements – Here we test, retest and look for all possible improvements that can be done in project

Part #6: Final Delivery – We deliver our work to client within the discussed time frame

Who Would You Recommend:

We recommend our service for accepting payment using MindBody to business owner who wants to charge customer based on the service they order (For example yoga, spa, boxer training, massage, wellness etc.).

Have Anything To Ask About MindBody?

So now you know how MindBody advance booking and payment can grow your business.

If you are interested in integrating MindBody in your website, then let our experienced and highly skilled MindBody developer helps you.

You can also ask or discuss anything about MindBody.

Either way, you can contact us for a free consultation.

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